Day 102: The story revealed

Well sort of. Below is the first – very rough – draft of my storyboard (my inner perfectionist hurts). You probably can’t read very much of it..but its going to completely change anyway. I realised a lot of stuff about the story as I was scribbling away, like how is the scale going to work? (small toys, large house, how do you fit things onto pages and make the characters big enough to see?) and does the story even make sense? and how have they jumped from this scene on one page to this scene on the next? I think with a bit more head-scratching and pencil-chewing we’ll get there. That’s the point of making storyboards – you aren’t supposed to get it right first time.

One thing I’m quite happy with are the words themselves, although I’ll undoubtedly change them a bunch more times. So what’s the story? Well..its all about the friendship between Flossie and Wol. Its a lot like many friendships I’ve known and indeed have. They get on well and love each other very much, but they don’t share everything in common. Its about being friends in spite of that and maybe a little bit of compromise too…But you’ll have to read the book to find out more!

storyboard 1