Day 66: Tilly and Milly

I’m back at home for Christmas and whilst looking through some old art things I found my old illustrations of Flossie and Wol’s predecessors. I came up with the basic outline of their story about 9 years ago, and it centred around a little girl, Tilly, and her dog Milly. Aesthetically they have changed a lot, as I have grown up and my style of illustration evolves. But they are still essentially the same, or at least the characters have the same relationship. I’m not sure whether writing a story about toys means I have to justify why they are able to speak to each other.. Or can I just assume that everyone accepts their toys come to life as soon as you turn your back? Because obviously they do. People know that right?

old illustration collage


Day 60: A little bit Grinchy

I think most of us are guilty of Grinch fever at some point over Christmas, so here are Flossie and Wol, spreading Dr. Seuss’s Festive message… along with my first attempt at illustrating them. “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store…”

flossie christmas edit