scan0008To give you some idea of the severity of my condition, I’ll tell you that I have already spent approximately 72 hours on this blog. I have yet to write a post. The challenge – to realise my life’s ambition: to write, illustrate and publish a children’s story book. The problem – my tendency to give up when things aren’t perfect. The remedy – a Deadline. I am giving myself one year – no excuses – to complete a dummy book ready to send to a publisher. I would like to add that I’m more of a doodler than an actual artist and whilst I could definitely be described as a dreamer I know I’m unlikely to be published in a years’ time.. But sharing my illustrations with you, is surely better than hiding them at the back of a drawer, I hope. So welcome! Come and step inside the circus of my imagination and explore the world of the procrastinating perfectionist…


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  1. I don’t believe that there are ‘actual’ artists vs. not-actual-artists. Doodlers, scribblers, stay-up-too-laters, can all be artists. Publishing contracts do not. To put it another way, publishing contracts are a result of getting work done. (and luck!) It is I believe the willingness to get something done that makes the biggest difference. Steve Jobs has a famous quote “Real artists ship.” And I think he is essentially right. The act of making something, getting it done to your standards, getting it finished – that is the only result of being an artist. Some people will like what you do, some won’t. Once in a while someone makes something that tons of people like. But that doesn’t make them more real as an artist. Give yourself more credit!

    • Philosophically I agree. In practice though, I will always feel a need to be ‘qualified’. That’s just me! I appreciate your point though and like to think I’d say something similar to someone in my position. Thank you!

  2. Deadline pressure is quite effective. I understand the drive for perfection, and obsession over details. Sometimes I find it’s better to just work through to the end, so I know where it’s all going. Then I can go back later and make revisions as needed.

  3. hi! i think what u r doing is gorgeous. and like we all know u r doing it 🙂 wish you all the luck with your ideas, materials and deadline. also wanted to say thanks for encouraging me on my blog. hope to stay in touch. much love.
    p.s: i enjoyed how you made the wax rain on the owl…

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