Day 130: On Millinery and The Wearing of Hats

Possibly one of my darker posts. A lifelong inability to Look Good in a Hat has left me with a strange reverence and admiration for them. Particularly the type of hat which is Of No Practical Use. E.g. Provides zero protection from sun, rain or falling bricks. I speak of the top hat, the bowler, the mad hatter. The wearer of such hats could be likened to the triumphant reindeer. His antlers proclaim evolutionary superiority; he has thrived and flourished despite the enormous weight of his hat.

I massively digress. The point is I drew some hats cos I think they’re cool.

hats-editI’m still working on Flossie and Wol, its just taking a while so I thought I’d have a break and try something new.


7 thoughts on “Day 130: On Millinery and The Wearing of Hats

  1. Life never ceases to amaze me. You sound a little sad. you decide to draw some hats and do a post. One of you lovely followers makes a random suggestion about one landing on your head on a windy day and ….whallaaa…sounds like a story especially with your creativity. After seeing your beautiful work on Artist & Illustrated I know you would do something wonderful with it. Whether it appeals to you or not, a little bit of magic happened :). BTW…love the hats!

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