Day 40: “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

If talking to oneself is the first sign of madness, which sign is spending the evening attempting to placate outraged inanimate object after fellow inanimate object was knitted winter accessories? And subsequently feeling guilty for calling them ‘inanimate objects’? I thought Wol’s neck looked a little bare you see, so I made him a scarf. The ensuing insanity, whilst possibly disturbing to the casual observer, was actually the sort of thing I was hoping would happen by creating my characters. It helps me get to know them and gives me ideas about what might happen in their story.

In other news I went to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet perform The Nutcracker last night (stunning, inspiring, awesome). And so I was listening to Tchaikovsky’s music whilst the above unfolded. Thoroughly recommend popping on ‘Trepak’ or the ‘russian dance’, as appropriate soundtrack to the following:

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Day 35: “One can never have enough socks.”

Wol collage

It’s just occurred to me that at my current sock consumption rate I don’t have enough to last the year. So if anyone needs an idea for a Christmas present… just saying. Four have been sacrificed this week, I made a sock owl. This is Flossie’s world-weary, put-upon best friend, Wol. In my family we have always called owls ‘wols’, presumably because at some point a child got it wrong and the name was perpetuated – or we’re just that cool. Who knows. But the name suits him I think.